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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tips of Landscape Planning- For Beginners and Advanced Designers

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When a house is designed by a good architect, there are definitely good spots and sweet spaces left for you to continue your own modern designing activities. Landscape Planning first involves the observation of your house and the spacing of the properties within the house itself. Whether it is that you are a beginner or an Advanced house and landscaping designer, it is important to take the important factors into great account. Landscape Planning needs a theme or a scheme to rely on as well. If a specific Landscape is themed towards modern and urban styles, then, start with modern ideas. Look out for spaces within the Landscape itself and make sure to view from a standard perspective to look for a great demand in designing the blank and empty spaces. The same goes to rural or vintage-style themed Landscapes. Viewing from different perspectives and a standard angle will help individuals decide on the next step.


The entry is probably referring to the front yard. Landscape
Planning starts from the design of the front yard. As the front yard serves as the entry and the first impression of a house, it is important to design an eye-catching, yet simple front yard. The tones of the Landscape needs to be greatly highlighted in this section. For example, the use of natural stones highlights a natural feel to the house.


Another important factor is the plantings of the outdoor Landscape. If you are located in a warm, humid location, will you prefer shady trees that will cool you down a little? Or will you get plants that prefer the hot sunlight? Well, that depends on you! However, there are simple plants too, that grow both in shady and sunny spots.