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Monday, June 23, 2014

Landscape Plants and Flowers: Where and What to Plant and Grow Successfully

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Landscape designs require the use of beautiful Plants and Flowers. As described in many designing books and other references or sites, the selection of Flowers is very important. To select Flowers for Landscape designing, one has to discover and learn deeply about Flowers and their characteristics before use. There are Plants and Flowers that are healthy on shady sites and some that prefer sunny spots than others. Therefore, it is important to consider the atmosphere, the climate, the characteristics of different Flowers and Plants before deciding on the specific Plants and Flowers to use when designing Landscapes such as gardens, yards, and even public parks.

The Shady Plants: I Love Shades!

Shady Flowers, or Flowers that prefer the least presence of sunlight, are Flowers which needs to be placed at spots and places that are not entirely outdoors. There are possible spots in a Landscape where these Flowers can be placed. Deciduous trees and evergreen trees likes the Dogwood trees and the Hemlock trees are one of the best shady trees that are positive towards the designing of Landscapes. Shade Plants do not tolerate heavy winds and they too, are quite interesting in portraying unique themes and messages within a Landscape.

Sunny Plants: I Enjoy the Morning Sunlight!

Most Plants and Flowers love the presence of sunlight and the adequate amount of water for its full-length growth. Direct sunlight loving Flowers and Plants include: Yellow Alyssum Flowers and the Lamb's Ear Plants. A Yellow Alyssum flower is a perennial flower which is well known for its spreading character and stands tall, upright around April to May. Lamb Ear's Plants are drought-tolerant and its main characteristics is having silvery foliage. With its beautiful velvet leaves, these Plants are probably the most attractive ones to select from!