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Friday, January 25, 2013

Best Landscape Designs to Have a Beautiful Garden

By 6:48 AM
Everyone dreams of having a Beautiful home - their dream home! It usually comprises of a big house, a swimming pool and an amazing Garden. Well, it's not possible if you don't plan it all before you begin. So, let's just take a look at a few of the Best Landscape design practices that you could employ when planning out the Landscape of your Garden: Do the right things at the right places One of the most important facts that you should know about when designing your Garden be it the front yard or the back yard is that of striking a balance. Your Garden is going to look good only if everything is done in a sort of proportion. You can plant beds of flowers and surround them by rocky borders on either side as these look really good and are quite popular. However, this looks good only when done along the pathway and not in the centre of your Garden. Symmetrical and Asymmetrical balance Most homes have Gardens wherein they have symmetrical balance. However, if you want your Garden to be unique you should try and plan it in such a way that your Garden isn't symmetrical; but at the same time looks great and strikes a balance. All that you need to strike a balance is the right plants, rocks and water bodies. In some cases you should even consider planting small trees as a combination of these elements adds beauty to your Garden. Colour combinations When it comes to Gardens flowering plants are always a part of the Landscape. However, apart from flowering plants you should also try and plant some fancy plants that have colourful leaves. One of the Best things to do is choose around two or three colours and repeat them all around the Garden as this offers a sense of continuity and your Garden looks great and at the same time not cluttered. Therefore, sticking to a few colours is one of the most important points to note when it comes to successful landscaping. Water bodies There are plenty of different kinds of water bodies that you could install in your Gardens. Take a look at the various options that would suit your Garden considering your budget and the space available. Once you decide what you need you could go ahead and buy yourself a kit and install it on your Garden within a few hours.