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Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Landscape Design Software Features That Can Help You Design Your Yard

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If you're considering getting a Landscape Design Software program, there are a number of Features you have to be aware of. With these Features, you will be able to come up with all sorts of Design possibilities for your yard without having to make any physical modifications to the Landscape just yet. Get to know these 5 common Features you will see in the majority of Landscape Design Software programs.


Most Landscape Design Software programs have templates, or gardens and other terrain layouts that can stimulate you or guide your thinking as you plan your own yard. You may either just use these Design templates as they come or you can modify them to fit your Design preference.
Element Manipulation

Novice and experienced Landscapers will find this feature impressive and handy. With the element manipulation tool, you will be able to drag and drop many Landscape elements in and out of your virtual terrain. The elements involved might be vegetation, shrubs, water Features, gazebos, etc. Good Software will have incredibly high numbers of sample elements that you can select from and put in your Design.

You could easily create your very own virtual yard and give your creativity free rein. Other element manipulation Features include modifying the seasons and conditions in your virtual yard. You can also enter the kind of soil you have into the computer and see how well the virtual yard is just like the real thing.


A really visionary part of some examples of landscaping Software is the seasonal feature. With this particular feature, you will see how your yard appears like as it mimics the changing seasons in your region. This feature will replicate crops growing throughout the seasons -- leaves turning golden in the fall, trees shedding their leaves in the wintertime, and flowers turning green once more at the first sign of spring. You can Design your yard according to the seasons and how they'll influence the look of your yard.


The capability to modify your plans is essential. If it's your first time looking for a Landscape Design Software, look for the editing Features of programs you're considering and test it out at the store. You wouldn't want to buy a program that doesn't have this very important feature. You do not want to get something you aren't comfortable using.

Design Layering

This is a really useful feature, especially when you use it along with the element manipulation tool. Design layering helps to keep the entire Design or picture in its place as you mess with a single piece. You can specify one object for manipulation and keep the remainder of the yard Design steady.