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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Simple, Pretty Plants for Outdoor Landscaping

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Plants and flowers are the main kings and queens of a garden or yard. No one would disagree upon the beauty of nature's Plants and their fresh odors. There are Plants that are a little difficult to plant and grow. No matter how hard you may try, the soil, the climate isn't just right. On the other hand, there are many pretty Plants and beautiful flowers out there to plant and grow easily without having to fetch new Plants again and again. Landscape designs and even family members themselves may have different preferences and ideas upon the flowers or Plants planning to grow. However, the theme of the landscape and the ideas together can create a unique landscape. A passion to design a landscape of your own marks around 50% of success. The other 50% needs to come directly from your creativity, knowledge, and skills. Therefore, the use of Plants will also require imagination and your love of nature to mark a beautiful finish.

Lenten Rose

Lenten Rose is a perennial which, indeed has long-lasting sepals. The good thing about Lenten rose is that it blooms and lasts very long without any help. Simply just plant it at a spot you prefer and water it normally. The blooming period lasts longer than many other Plants and it is also one of the pretty flowers. However, individuals have to know that this plant is a perennial, shade plant. Therefore, if your landscape has direct shot of sunlight, look for other Plants like the Yarrow or the Moonbeam Coreopsis.


The Yucca is one of the easy Plants to grow. It is also a hardy succulent which in other words, is quite strong and is able to stand independently on its own. The Yuccas are attractive Plants which mark strong sense in creativity and are successful to plant in your private garden or even public yards.