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Monday, April 18, 2011

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Designs

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Firewise landscaping is quite common in Arizona, but we don't frequently hear as much about eco-friendly landscaping. Given the challenges of landscaping in the Phoenix area, eco-friendly landscaping is often overlooked. The reality is that it's easily accomplished no matter what kind of landscaping you're adding to your back yard or garden. If you're concerned about the impact that your landscaping could have on the environment, the reality is that you can find ways to create luxury living spaces outdoors without a high impact on the environment.

Low impact landscaping can be done no matter what type of landscaping or outdoor area that you're looking for. For the residential areas which are looking for ways to minimize the footprint that they make on the environment, or the home owner who wants to develop a natural area that offers great form and function, but also considers the overall impact of the project on the environment, there are some wonderful ways to accomplish precisely the look that you want and to keep your use of resources lower.
Materials may be selected in order to properly fit into your landscaping ideal, and installation specifications and details can be created that will add both form and function but keep your landscaping more natural to your area and keep your use of the resources to the low end. Seeking out a professional in order to help you to ascertain the best way to keep your environmental footprint lower is a great way to start.

design companies can help you to select a great concept design or to work up a drawing that will give you the best methods to beautify and add scope and depth to your landscaping while remaining true to your values of green living. Whether you're interested in a desert landscaping or a more Mediterranean or Pacific Ocean landscaping design, the professional landscaper can help you to achieve that dream with minimal use of natural resources.

Whether you are installing a swimming pool, a water pad, a swim up bar, or a stone pizza oven in your back yard, you can do it in such a way as to make it environmentally friendly and to leave as small a footprint as possible on your environment. You can can create your environmentally friendly landscaping design using elements that you may never have imagined when you use the services of a qualified landscaper to help you to achieve a low impact, eco-friendly design plan for your own back yard or garden.

Creating a more native plant environment and a more naturally eco friendly environment has the added benefit of giving you both a low impact landscaping design and also saving you both time and money. You will put out less labor and far less money to maintain your environment when you consider low impact and beautifully appointed landscaping designs with the assistance of your professional landscaper.

Christopher D. Griffin is an author and recognized expert in the field of Arizona Landscaping and Desert Pool Landscaping. He specializes in all aspects of outdoor construction. Combined with his NFL experience (1996-1997) and civil engineering degree (B.S. University of New Mexico), Chris is an innovative genius in creating backyard environments and portrays his work at

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