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Monday, April 11, 2011

6 Things You Should Know About Landscape Design

By 8:18 AM

Landscape design is not as simple as it looks. You will have to know how to design and plan landscapes; decide how to make those design plans a reality; work with gardeners and nursery men; know about various design patterns which people of various cultures like and know about plants and animals that feed on them. Do not get confused. Landscape design is not like landscape architecture. And you can go to school and learn about it there.

Much thought and plan is behind gardens and parks with beautiful landscapes. The truth is that a few of them can involve a very long time for planning, designing and integration of different design elements and also planting and inclination towards plants. Scottsdale landscape designers are professionals who are trained and skilled to do these tasks. These professionals can transform gardens or parks into works of art and pay close attention to colors, textures, function, form and other design elements. In this article, you will learn more information about landscape design:
The focus is on landscape planning and design plan implementation

Landscape designers focus on the planning of a garden or landscape and mapping out the consecutive steps that should be taken to execute the plan. A good landscape plan requires a lot of planning. They may ask for instructions from the owner of the property, make sketches or photographs, or even use drafting tools. In order to execute the plan, they will also measure the property and come up with a list of materials and tools that will be necessary. Using their extensive knowledge, landscape designers begin their plans. The landscape plan and execution will include components from fields like aesthetics, horticulture and design.

There is a possibility that it will entail collaborating with different fields

Landscape design may involve the overlapping of various talents and technical expertise as the project evolves from the planning phase to the actual site construction. Landscape designers are able to work with input from representatives of other fields such as botany, horticulture, craftsmanship, surveying and civil engineering. They may be proactive and integrate certain technologies such as computer software to help them plan more efficiently.

Both nature and culture are combined in it

Various cultural features with naturals elements are combined in landscape design. Making choices about changing your landscaping should be left up to the landscape designers. These professionals design a plan according to the preferences, and needs of the client.

This is something else entirely

Landscape design and landscape architecture are quite similar, with one basic difference. Landscape design, quite simply, is a narrower scope than is landscape architecture. Landscape architecture includes both the design and engineering phases of design. In most places, landscape architects are required to have a license in order to work.

It considers various objective factors

Apart from being an artistic pursuit, there is a lot of science involved in landscape design like topography, botany, etc.

Educational institutions may be teaching it

Only through apprenticeship the past landscape designers were trained. The first institutional education was introduced, for landscape design in the early 1900?s. During the recent past the program has been made accessible to almost all segments of the general public. Many universities have landscaping departments. This means that they offer landscape instructions and programs.

Culture and nature can co-exist is evident from landscape designs.