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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ideas For The Perfect En-Suite Bathroom To A Master Bedroom

By 5:20 AM

As glamorous Bathrooms become more and more desirable, their inclusion in a home inevitably adds to the value of the property. It was not long ago that the idea of an en-suite Bathroom to a master bedroom was exceptional and decadent. Nowadays it is a requirement for many. Conversely when viewing a prospective property to purchase, the sight of a dirty Bathroom with stains under the taps and mould in the grout lines is a real turn-off. One nice trick that can be learned from the boutique hotel is the giant headboard. Where a bedroom is large enough to move the bed away from the wall, it is possible to build a freestanding wall that can act as a headboard (often containing bespoke bedside units with reading lights and recesses for books or a glass of water). In the space behind, fit a small en-suite Bathroom, possibly with a walk-in shower entered from one side and a WC and basin from the other. Many older houses have very large bedrooms, often with great high ceiling, but most will not have an en-suite Bathroom as this was not a common feature of the day. By building a wall that can act as a headboard, a cool shower-room/ Bathroom can be accommodated elegantly within the room space. Sliding frosted glass doors add privacy if required. The first and most fundamental thing to get right once you have found your space is the arrangement of elements within, Bathrooms do not have to be large (although more space can certainly add to the sense of luxury), but even if space is restricted it is vital to keep the lines simple and to maximise the sense of unity. A common mistake is to try to cram too much into a small Bathroom. If you cannot choose between a bath and shower, don't try to squash in both, but find an elegant way (there are many) of using the bath as the shower tray. Resist the temptation to squeeze in a bidet between the basin and WC unless there is genuinely plenty of room. Twin basins are great, unless they have to be small and close together - much better to include one large basin with bespoke floating cabinet and everything will feel larger. Builders will often say that you can't put a Bathroom here or there because of the plumbing. There is always a way to solve the plumbing: work out where the Bathroom will work best and stick to your guns. Lovely Bathroom sparkle, so the lighting has to be right. Simple recessed low-voltage halogen down-lighters are yet to be matched for their light quality in the Bathrooms. Select the enclosed type suitable for Bathroom use.