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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Improving Your Landscape Design

By 7:00 AM

Most people who Design their own Landscape don't realize the importance of dynamics. There is a lot more to landscaping your own yard than you think. Professional Landscapers know all the tricks of the trade to improve the Design of your home.

The first thing you have to know is that the corners of your house can be softened with bushes and trees. Putting a taller bush at each corner of your house is going to round it off and make it appear more desirable and welcoming. As you get more toward the door your foliage should decrease in height. This will draw the eye to the front door and welcome visitors. All through each side of the house toward the door the shorter foliage should come down toward the front. The taller ones near the back still.
The shape of the garden trim around your house is going to drastically change the shape and vibe of your home. Straight lines usually create a more up-tight high-end feel where as a more dynamically structured garden outside your house might make it look a little more laid back.

Also thinking about the types of trees shrubs and other plants, the breed is going to change the mood of the house. More breezy looking plants are going to create a calmer more easy-going mood. Straight rigid plants are going to create a more professional serious vibe.

Annual and perennials are important to consider too. Do you have seasons where you live? The climate is going to change what you want in your garden. Having cacti in your rock garden when you are in Arizona makes total sense. Morning glories in New England during the spring and summer looks beautiful. Pine trees, all year around in New Hampshire shows the owner takes full advantage of the yard.

Mowing the lawn with character is important too. There are many different zigzags and Designs you can make in your yard to make it look the best it can. There are straight lines, checkers, diagonals and criss-cross Designs that you can have done for you or learn to do yourself.

By choosing a Landscaper to do all of this for you, you will be saving time, money and you will risk fewer mistakes and frustrations. You will only be gaining a beautifully Designed property and a hassle free process. Finding a local landscaping company near you is not hard. They will know exactly what to do for your climate and your most needed areas.