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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Landscaping Designs - Important Points To Consider

By 9:07 AM

You can create a chic Landscape without turning it into a Design disaster. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, "kitsch" is defined as "sentimentality or vulgar, often pretentious bad taste, especially in the arts." Applying this term to the Landscape can be quite different. It could imply specific garden elements unnecessary in the Landscape or a plant species variety that is too dominant. Whatever the reasoning, here are a few tips to keep your garden looking unique without being kitsch.

Simplify the Landscape. Consider how you would like the space to be utilized. Will there be spaces for entertaining guests, family gatherings, play areas for kids and pets, etc.? You may also want to xeriscape gardens or maintain specific plant varieties native to your region. Too much of a good thing can turn your Landscape into a nightmare. Keep garden spaces simple and allow room for plants to mature. Gnomes and glass objects may be "fun" for some gardens, but distracts from the original purpose of a garden. Redefining the space will further clarify what plants will grow best in a thriving Landscape.
Landscaping is any activity that develops an area into something attractive and beautiful. They said that it can add value to ones properties. For instance when you want to sell your house, potential buyers will be encouraged in buying if they are attracted to the house's landscape. While there are already many professional landscapers, home owners would tend to make their own Landscaping Designs, either to save money or to fill their leisure time.

Now, many home owners who dare to develop their own front yard only knows how to take care of plants and preserve structures on their lawns but lack the ideas of how to layout Landscaping Designs. Thus, let's discuss points to consider in order to make designing easier.

The first things to consider are the tools or equipments you will possibly use during Landscaping as well as during maintenance. Are these tools readily available? Or do your Designs promote easy access to the equipments you will be using? It is important that you ask these kinds of questions so that you can avoid uprooting a plant or landscape structure because of any troubles with the equipments.

Next is the highlight of your landscape and the plants and other features you want to see in your lawn. The highlight should draw the attention of the viewers, and it should stand out among others. It has to be congruent and proportionate to other features of the landscape. Meanwhile, plants and other features should complement each other in color, size, and form. For instance, if you want your lawn to stimulate a cool feeling, then you can use cool colors of the flowers and structures (like blue and purple).

Still other points to consider are the shapes and movement of your landscape. It is better to incorporate curves in your Landscaping Designs, like amoeba-shaped flower bed. Movement pertains to plants that would surely sway by blowing winds, and also to flowers that attract birds and butterflies. All of these contribute movements to your landscape, which will make it livelier. Landscapes which lack movements are said to be as dead as a painting and kind of boring.

So, as you can see, making a layout for your landscape is not really hard, especially if you get ideas to start with. Once you get an idea, all other things will just pour out from your creative imagination. Just remember not to limit yourself in designing your lawns. And if you want to be sure, you can ask professional help anyway.

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